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Air Traffic Control
for Cloud Operations

Cloud is complex. Deployments fail, automations break and defenses crack. You can't fight the chaos with ever more code. You need runtime control to keep things reliable and secure.

Run Your Cloud Airspace

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See what matters. Observe service interactions to make sense of what’s going on, define baselines and detect anomalies.

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Create reliability. Auto-tune and shape interactions to prevent production incidents and optimize the environment.

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Trust no one. Auto-detect and respond to threats, micro-segment dynamically and take direct control.

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Quality of service

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It’s All About Control.

Modern service architectures can behave unpredictably. You need effective, predictable control primitives to reign them in. Automatically and in real-time, anywhere and at any time.

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Assure the Customer Experience

Reliability and security engineers are torn between automation, toil and ever more dependencies that complicate their lives. Runtime control enables difficult automations, avoids unnecessary toil and manages unpredictable dependencies so the customer experience remains assured.

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Your “Brain in the Wire”

Glasnostic inserts cleanly into any data plane and takes control of services by detecting and responding to their wire behaviors.

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Plays Nice,
Works Everywhere

Glasnostic works everywhere, in any environment and with any stack. It integrates with existing tools and provides them with direct, runtime control.

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  • Control and prevent production and security incidents.
  • Actively create reliability.
  • Assure the customer experience.
  • Anywhere, automatically and in real-time.

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