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Mission Control for Digital Transformation

Business uptime. Instantly and anywhere.

Your business is your applications.

But Agile, DevOps and microservices have created a cloud complexity that makes them prone to fail and bring the business down.

Outages in digital landscapes are the result of unpredictable interaction behaviors between systems. These behaviors must be controlled at runtime.

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Glasnostic Mission Control

Ensure Business Uptime, Instantly and Anywhere

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The unpredictable and disruptive behaviors of digital landscapes can’t be engineered away, they must be controlled at runtime. Glasnostic Mission Control ensures instant application uptime, anywhere, by actively monitoring and managing interactions. Thus, failures are remediated before they spiral out of control.

Production fires stop, code can ship and the business stays up.

Instant Resilience for Modern Applications

Glasnostic Mission Control is a lightweight and non-invasive operations solution that provides applications with instant resilience and thus significantly increases uptime. It works with any stack and in any environment, without agents, sidecars or deployment changes.

A distributed fleet of virtual service routers turns existing networks into an active, application-aware fabric that lets the Glasnostic Mission Controller detect and remediate disruptive behaviors, in real-time.

As a result, development teams can release more, faster and with confidence.

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Complete the DevOps Journey

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Glasnostic complements the DevOps lifecycle with a real-time Mission Control phase that realizes the promise of DevOps for modern applications.

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