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Mission Control for Modern Applications

Remediate and prevent, optimize and govern, in real-time.

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DevOps has enabled businesses across the world to deliver software rapidly, continuously and with better quality. But today’s complex federations of services are the result of many teams deploying independent of each other and need to be actively controlled to prevent cascading failures, remediate disruptive behaviors and avert accidental exposures. This requires a new phase to complete the DevOps lifecycle: runtime mission control.

Glasnostic provides operations, SRE and security teams with the runtime control they need to realize the promise of DevOps for today’s organically evolving federations of services.

More Services, More Chatter,
More Change: Less Control

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Adopting cloud and microservices promises a marked increase in agility for the business but also leads quickly to complexities that stand in the way of further innovation. Continuous organic growth of services, in particular, leads to interaction behaviors that a single person can no longer fully understand, and the explosion of cloud-native technology makes fighting the chaos with standardization futile.

To attain the next level of agility, today’s organically evolving architectures can no longer be merely engineered—they must be operated. This requires operators to control interactions in real-time, to detect failures and to respond to breaches, anywhere and independent of development.

Take Back Control of
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Glasnostic is a control plane for organically evolving, federated service architectures that enables operations, SRE and security teams to detect complex, emergent behaviors and volatile interactions using a small set of golden signals. Armed with actionable insights, teams can create fine-grained policies to exert powerful control and apply best-practice operational patterns that result in predictable remediation real-time.

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Mission Control for
Federated Applications

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Prevent cascading failures
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Remediate disruptive behaviors
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Avert accidental exposures

As enterprises pursue agility, they organize into small teams, embrace cloud-native and adopt microservices. The resulting surge of development leads to a continually evolving landscape of federated services that requires runtime mission control to prevent cascading failures, remediate disruptive behaviors and avert accidental exposures.

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Glasnostic inserts cleanly into your data plane without affecting developers, processes or stacks,

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