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Mission Control Operations
Manage the disruptive behaviors of advanced microservice environments
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Control emergent behaviors
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Prevent cascading failures
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Avert security breaches

More Services, More Chatter, More Change: Less Control

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The speed gained by developing applications with microservices and cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes means more agility for the business. But, as more services are deployed over time, their increasingly complex interactions and accelerating rate of change cause operations and security teams to quickly lose control.

To maintain stability and security in organically evolving, federated service architectures, teams need to be able to control the complex, emergent behaviors and volatile interactions that executing a fully realized microservices strategy brings about.

Take Back Control of Your Services

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Glasnostic is a control plane for organically evolving, federated service architectures that enables operations, SRE and security teams to detect complex, emergent behaviors and volatile interactions using a small set of golden signals. Armed with actionable insights, teams can create fine-grained policies to exert powerful control and apply best-practice operational patterns that result in predictable remediation real-time.

Ready to take back control?

Choose a Clean Solution Instead of an Invasive Platform

Glasnostic inserts cleanly into your data plane without affecting developers, processes or stacks,

... works with all platforms and cloud-native technologies

... and runs everywhere.