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Mission-Control Resilience

Ensure application success.

Prevent Application Outages

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Your applications are your business. But agile teams, cloud-native technologies and microservices have led to environmental complexities that a single person can no longer understand.

As a result, unpredictable behaviors compound into failures, the business goes down and critical partners and customers churn.

Instant Application Resilience

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Complex, unpredictable behaviors cannot be prevented with ever more code. They must be controlled at runtime. Glasnostic Mission Control provides instant application resilience by actively monitoring and shaping interactions, in real-time and without agents. Outages are identified and remediated before they spiral out of control.

Production fires stop, code is shipped and the business stays up.

Ready to Stop the Fires?

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Glasnostic Mission Control: Ensure Uptime

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Prevent cascading failures
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Remediate disruptive behaviors
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Avert accidental exposures

The cloud thrives on automation, from infrastructure scaling to container orchestration and continuous deployment. But ever more automation requires more, not less, control: the rapid remediation and effective prevention that Glasnostic Mission Control provides.

Successful systems are not built, they are run.

The Next Step in DevOps

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Glasnostic Mission Control complements the DevOps lifecycle with a real-time control phase that realizes the promise of DevOps for modern applications.