Illustration of an Azure Gateway Load Balancer setup with Glasnostic
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Announcing Glasnostic for Azure Gateway Load Balancer

CloudOps is hard. We deploy more and more applications in ever more places and dependencies multiply by the day. This makes it easy to lose sight of what we have running and creates a great deal of unpredictability in our production environments. If there were just an easy way to “turn on the lights” and see which application interacts with what and how, and whether it should do so in the first place!

Turning on these lights has just become really easy for Azure users. Over the past months, we’ve partnered with our friends at Azure to bring Glasnostic’s holistic visibility, strong resilience and essential security capabilities to any and all applications on Azure. As a result, and with the launch of Azure Gateway Load Balancer at Microsoft Ignite today, we are proud to announce the availability of Glasnostic for Azure Gateway Load Balancer.

Azure Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) is a new addition to the Azure Load Balancer portfolio that makes it easy to add advanced network functionality to applications without any additional networking setup. A Gateway Load Balancer is simply chained to an existing public endpoint and then maintains flow symmetry to Network Virtual Appliance (NVA) instances in the backend pool. As such, GWLB provides a highly performant and highly available “bump-in-the-wire” hook into existing application flows.

Glasnostic is a dedicated control layer that makes complex cloud environments resilient and secure. It integrates with Azure GWLB by attaching to it as an NVA. Thus, DevOps, SRE and platform teams can see what is going on with their applications, apply operational control primitives to maximize reliability and enforce essential security within seconds and without scalability or availability concerns.

How To Do It

The video below shows how Azure GWLB makes it easy to add Glasnostic and, thus, to gain visibility into (and exert control over) how your applications interact.

Adding Azure GWLB and the Glasnostic NVA to an application.

Create a Gateway Load Balancer, chain it to your existing public endpoints, configure a health check and add the Glasnostic NVA. That’s it! In under a minute, you gain holistic visibility that lets you:

  • Understand what is going on and what needs to be done, across all environments.

  • Maximize reliability and minimize incidents and severities with effective control primitives, proactively or reactively.

  • Secure production with automatic microsegmentation and enforce universal encryption and authentication.

Diagram illustrating control primitives
Some common control primitives.

Next Steps

Glasnostic for Azure Gateway Load Balancer Setup Guide shows you how to set up Glasnostic for Azure GWLB.

Visit to learn more about Glasnostic and how we help DevOps, SRE and platform teams see what is going on, maximize reliability and enforce essential security.

Talk to us if you are ready to take control and achieve operational excellence.