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Bringing Glasnostic’s Observability and Control to Modern Kubernetes Operations

Behind the scenes of a thriving enterprise, development teams work side-by-side in rapid deployment cycles to power innovation. But with every change and every dependency, the architecture evolves and complexity increases. This leads to unpredictable incidents that can cause disruptive and costly downtime and outages.

DevOps, SRE and operations practitioners feel the pressure to find a solution to the resulting outages and brownouts that are becoming an increasingly greater challenge for enterprises. They are finding that conventional observability, sufficient for standalone applications, is no longer enough. As the Kubernetes environment becomes larger and more dynamic, the likelihood grows that interactions between applications will cause disruptions. Operators need the oversight to detect at the highest level and respond quickly, keeping control of the environment.

Glasnostic is the solution. Glasnostic provides observability and control that enables operators of Kubernetes environments to detect and remediate disruptive incidents in real-time. This allows them to actively create resilience in the environment and assure the digital experience.

Glasnostic for Kubernetes is currently in private beta. Click here to see what Glasnostic can do for you!

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