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A Control Plane for Systemic Behaviors

Transforming your business-critical applications into a fabric of connected services quickly leads to complex emergent behaviors that end up standing in the way of innovation. Our mission at Glasnostic is to eliminate this roadblock so you may commit to services in full, reclaim agility and succeed in your initiatives, thus realizing the promise of microservices and serverless.

Systemic Visibility


Observing connections instead of services provides essential visibility into complex, emergent behaviors.


A small set of key metrics serve as golden signals for service conversations, yielding actionable insights.

Real-time Control


Expressing policies on a per-metric basis gives operators fine-grained control over arbitrary service conversations.


Applying familiar, best-practice operational patterns results in predictable remediation.

DJ Your Architecture

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Prevent Systemic Failure


Create request policies to insulate application zones from cascading failures.


Equalize traffic patterns to protect systems from spiky loads.


Block interactions to enforce safer routes.

Assure Performance

Circuit Breaker

Drop slow requests to ensure overall service levels.

Quality of Service

Limit non-essential interactions to ensure tier-1 performance.

Deploy with Confidence


Ringfence unproven deployments to mitigate risk.

Canary Deployment

Slowly introduce service changes to nip failures in the bud.

Build Resilience

Fault Injection

Disrupt connection characteristics to expose fragilities.


Constrict availability to determine breaking points.

Blast Radius

Confine fallout to protect surrounding traffic.

Plays Nice

Glasnostic inserts cleanly into your network data plane without affecting developers, processes or stacks.

No Agents
No Sidecars
No Voodoo

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