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Control How Services Interact

Glasnostic inserts agentlessly into the network data path, observes interaction patterns between services, detects anomalies and responds with effective and predictable control primitives, in real-time and automatically.

Observe and control how systems interact

Get the big picture

See what is going on, everywhere and automatically.

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Focus on flows that matter.

Illustration of Glasnostic Dashboard

Switch classifiers to orient yourself quickly.

Illustration of Glasnostic Dashboard

Understand what needs to be done

Understand which behaviors are anomalous.

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Zoom in on interaction patterns.

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Understand the characteristics of how systems interact.

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Do it

Control behaviors flexibly and in real-time.

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Set thresholds to trigger additional controls.

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Get notified of important conditions and events.

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Effective, predictable control primitives

Visibility is worth little if disconnected from action. With Glasnostic, engineers can respond to system behaviors in real-time and proactively.

pattern icon of bulkheads

Insulate zones with bulkheads.

pattern icon of Circuit break

Circuit break slow requests.

pattern icon of Quarantine

Quarantine unproven deployments.

pattern icon of fault injection

Expose fragility with fault injection.

pattern icon of backpressure

Exert backpressure against traffic spikes.

pattern icon of quality of service

Ensure quality of service.

pattern icon of canaries

Introduce change with canaries.

pattern icon of brownouts

Test resilience with brownouts.

pattern icon of segmentation

Control access with segmentation.

pattern icon of shed excess load

Shed excess load.

pattern icon of toggle blue and green

Toggle blue and green.

pattern icon of radius

Define the blast radius of experiments.

An agentless, universal "brain in the wire"

Data plane. Glasnostic inserts transparent controllers into the network data plane, which collectively act as a brain-in-the-wire that detects and responds to behaviors in real-time.

Control plane. Interaction metrics are sent to the control plane for storage, anomaly detection and automated or manual control.

Integration. Glasnostic works with all major cloud technologies and integrates with existing tools from AIOps to workflow and security tools via APIs and webhooks.

Compatibility. Glasnostic works with all major technology stacks.

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View system behaviors holistically, uniformly and everywhere.


Change failure rate

Minimize deployment risk by quarantining changes.


Customer experience

Automatically tune interactions and optimize for SLOs.

< 1 min

Time to detect

Detect anomalies and know when and where to act.

3 min

Time to remediation

Minimize MTTR and severities by applying effective control primitives.


Unaccounted-for interactions

Automatically microsegment dynamic environments.

Run everywhere

Glasnostic is an agentless "brain-in-the-wire" operations solution that works in any environment, from metal to VMs, containers and serverless, on all major platforms and across premises and clouds.

Kubernetes logo

Kubernetes. Deploy Glasnostic sidecars to control how pods, services and applications interact, within and across clusters and namespaces.

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Virtual machine and metal environments. Deploy Glasnostic router instances to control interactions between applications within and across networks.

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AWS Gateway Load Balancer. Control how applications and services interact across VPCs and VPC subnets by deploying Glasnostic as an AWS GWLB Appliance.

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Azure GWLB logo

Azure Gateway Load Balancer. Control how applications and services interact across VNets by deploying Glasnostic as an Azure Network Virtual Appliance.

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Istio logo

Istio. Deploy the Glasnostic WASM plugin to control how pods, services and applications interact within the mesh.

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  • See what is running
  • Understand what is going on
  • Detect anomalies
  • Respond with effective policies

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