Runtime Control for the Cloud Native Enterprise

Glasnostic for Kubernetes

Map services, understand how they interact and take control, within and across clusters.

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Observe and control how services interact

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Love Kubernetes but feel like there are too many moving parts? Map services and instantly get the big picture.

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Working hard to collect every metric yet struggling to understand what’s going on? See how services interact and what needs to be done.

Illustration of observe and control of services interactions

Continuously adjusting code or configuration to fix issues? Control behaviors directly and in real-time.

Ensure the customer experience

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Holistic visibility

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Strong reliability

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Essential security

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Predictable performance

Universal visibility and control with a single click

Glasnostic for Kubernetes uses sidecars containing industry-standard Envoy proxies to discover and map how services interact, across clusters and namespaces. DevOps, site reliability and production engineers see what is going on, maximize reliability, enforce security and optimize performance at runtime and automatically.

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Run everywhere

Glasnostic is an agentless "brain-in-the-wire" operations solution that works in any environment, from metal to VMs, containers and serverless, on all major platforms and across premises and clouds.

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  1. Bring cluster
  2. Install Glasnostic
  3. See what's going on and take control!
See our Getting Started with Glasnostic for Kubernetes guide

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